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Product Description

PACIFIC Paints Tuff Care Roof Seal Advance is a special fiber reinforced elastomeric liquid water proofing membrane Paint. It is formulated with excellent elastomeric acrylic polymer and reinforcing special polyester fibers. Upon drying it forms a thick, uniform, durable membrane that produce solid waterproofing layer on substrate.

Recommended Usage

It can be applied on building roofs, terraces, balconies parapet, sunshades and exterior vertical walls.

Technical Data

Product Name Product Composition Method of Application Shades Finish theoretical Coverage Drying Time Pack Size Offered
ROOF SEAL ADVANCE Single Pack Elastomeric Paint. Brush or Roller. White Glowing White. For terrace roof 15-20 Sq. ft per Ltr
per coat. For Vertical Wall 20-25 Sq.
Ft. Per Ltr.
Surface Dry: 20-30 min Re-coat interval : 4 hrs. Hard Dry: 24 hrs.: 1, 4, 10 & 20 ltr.

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